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A Blessed Christmas to all parishioners and well-wishers of the Church of St Jude Thaddeus, Rawang.

Christmas Vigil Mass will be live-streamed on Dec 24 at 7.30pm beginning with carolling and then mass.

Please click here for live-streaming mass.

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Greetings of Peace, Joy and Love,

My dearest people of God of the Church of St. Jude Thaddeus, Rawang and Chapel of St. Michael, Batu Arang

Soon, very soon we will be reopening our Churches for Mass but sad to say not all of us will be able to come. Those who are not well, senior citizens who are 70 years old and above and children below the age of 12 will not be allowed according to the SOP given to us. Arrangements will be made to bring communion for them, especially our beloved senior citizens and homebound persons.

In addition, only one third of our community can be present at each Mass. In the Church of St. Jude Thaddeus Rawang it is 210 persons while at the Chapel of St. Michael, Batu Arang it will only be 85 persons for each Mass.

Due to the many restrictions we will only be having multilingual masses and attendance will be determined by the name list provided by your respective BEC Leaders. As such I urge all of you to contact your respective BEC Leaders and give them the required details of you and your family members. Do this as soon as possible for us to organise well for the reopening of Churches for Mass.

In addition, to the above I have prepared a list of do's and don’ts for us to prepare ourselves to attend Mass in a very peaceful and spirit filled atmosphere. For the present moment migrants will not be allowed to attend Masses. However, if you have migrants in your BEC or you know some of them personally do record their names and telephone contact and pass them to your respective BEC Leader.

Remember only BAPTISED AND PRACTISING CATHOLIC will be allowed for the present time. Non - Catholic spouses will not be allowed. This is because they are not able to participate in the Eucharistic celebration and as a such a baptised and practising catholic is deprived of his or her privilege to attend Mass and receive communion. It is difficult but for the present moment this is the best decision for all.

As for wedding Mass/Service, we will not be having any. All couples who planned for dates this year have postponed their weddings for next year. The present SOP only allows for 20 persons and weddings dinners not allowed at church premises.

Funeral Mass will be allowed at a later date but with restrictions. Details will be discussed with families concerned when the need arises. Those needing confessions call me and make appointments.

Finally, please refer to the do's and don’ts list and come well prepared for Mass when your turn comes. Let us come back to a more united, committed and vibrant church and YES, bring along all the cash you have saved as your Sunday collection.

God is with us. Emmanuel.

Fr. David Arulanatham

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Easter Greetings of Peace to all Parishioners of the Church of St. Jude Thaddeus, Rawang.

Praying and hoping that all of you are keeping well during the Movement Control Order by the Government and the temporary suspension of Masses. I am eagerly looking forward for us all to come together as soon as possible. Be assured that I, your parish priest, am continuing to celebrate Mass privately for all of you and your intentions.

Meanwhile, the parish invites and welcomes financial contributions for the upkeep of our parish, the Church of St. Jude Thaddeus, Rawang. Your contributions/donations will assist to defray our monthly maintenance, staff salaries etc. Those of you who wish to continue to practise the offering of Mass intentions are also most welcome.

Below are the bank account details for your assistance.


Name of Bank:                       MAYBANK

Account Number:                  012017107599

Account Holder’s Name:       CHURCH OF ST JUDES, RAWANG

Payment Reference:              PARISH UPKEEP


Please do also get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you need a receipt for your contribution.

Please also indicate the following details so that we will be able to keep our account in order.

  • Amount
  • Purpose - Mass Intentions for; Name – RIP or Thanksgiving or Special Intentions.
  • Parish Donation

Thanking all of you in anticipation for your generous contributions.


Rev. Fr. David Arulanatham

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  • Check with your BEC/Zone leader if your name is in the list for attending mass if not register your name. Make sure you give your full name as it appears in your IC, your IC number and contact telephone number. Remember those who are 12 years old and below and 70 years old and above are not to register for the present moment. REMEMBER TO BRING ALONG YOUR IC.
  • Check yourself. If you are unwell having fever, cough or cold inform your BEC/Zone leader. Do not come for mass. Stay home, stay safe and stay well.
  • Those of you if any of you are diabetic, or cancer patients or suffering from any other illness which causes you to have poor or weak immune systems – easily affected by virus and bacteria stay home, stay safe and stay well.
  • Please Download SELangakah ( to your handphone App.
  • Please make sure when you come for mass come from home straight to church after taking a good bath and fresh clean clothing. Do not carry any handbags or other unnecessary things for Mass.
  • You will not be allowed to use the toilets in the church, as such please reduce the intake of fluids and food at least one hour before coming for mass.

Visit your home toilet just before leaving home.

  • In the event of an emergency you will be allowed to use the church toilets but you will be required to record your full name as it appears in the IC, your IC No and your telephone contact. In addition you will need to pay RM5.00 for per entry into the toilet – charges are for re-sanitisation process
  • When you arrive in church, walk towards the registration area in a single file, wearing a face mask.
    • If you do not have a face mask you will not be allowed in. Face mask is available at RM2.00 @ face mask. Make sure you have the correct amount, no change will be given.
    • When you arrive at the registration centre listen to instructions given to you by the volunteers and do as instructed.
  • At the registration counter stand at the lines indicated on the floor and give you full name as in your IC.
    • Hand sanitizer will be pumped on to your hands.
    • Your entry will be checked, temperature will be taken (exceeding 37.5 degrees will not be allowed to attend Mass) and recorded, your arrival time recorded and a seat number will be given to you. REMEMBER YOUR SEAT NUMBER.
    • You will then proceed to the main entrance of the church one at a time in a single file maintaining safe distancing.
    • At the entrance of the church you sanitize your hands again and enter the church.
    • You will be directed to your seat according to the number given to you.
    • You are to remain in that same seat throughout the mass. Those of you who are seated in the plastic chairs do not move your chairs at all.
  • During mass remain in your places at all time. Keep your hands to yourself. If you feel like sneezing or about to sneeze use your elbow to block your mouth with the face mask on. Do not turn to the right or left.
  • During the sign of peace just turn to persons next to you and nod your head or do a “namasthe”
  • Communion will be brought to you. Stand at your respective places. When the communion minister arrives at your place first pull down your face mask and then put out your hands to receive communion. After receiving and consuming the Host, pull up your face mask again. and remain at your places and be at silent prayer.
  • At the end of the mass after the final blessings and your own personal silent prayer get up and walk in a single file, keep the safe distancing and walk towards the registration counter, say aloud your SEAT NO for the people at the registration to sign you out.
  • As you leave the Church remember no walking towards the Sanctuary area, the Crucifix, Mother of Perpetual Icon and the Tabernacle.
  • Collect all your tissue paper etc and drop them in the dustbin provided.
  • Drop your Mass collections, Mass offerings and Donation Envelopes, Petitions at the Respective Boxes on your way out. Office will be closed before, during and after Mass.
  • Remember confession by appointment only. No confessions will be heard before and after Mass.

Virtues To Uphold

Obedience, Patience, Calm, Understanding, Charity, Gratitude, & Hope

Missing But Loving All Of You Dearly And Always

Let’s Return

To A United, Committed And Vibrant Church.

One, Holy, Apostolic & Catholic Church



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