“Father, how do you feel about celebrating the mass here today?”Rev. Father Chri…

“Father, how do you feel about celebrating the mass here today?”

Rev. Father Christopher Soosaipillai,

I’ve have been coming to St Jude every year, Fr Vincent Thomas has called me to come and celebrate on the last day for the English mass, I’ve always enjoyed coming to St Jude, because I believe there are so much of graces, and many people have spoken that through their prayers to St Jude, they have been healed and have experienced joy and blessings. I also remember a good priest that always called to me to St Jude was the late Rev Fr Leonard John. I pray that he is with God, that he will also pray for us like St Jude. To all St Jude parishioners, love you. Thank you for the great effort. Despite the pain and the struggles, you have done well, keep smiling and do not forget to bring this love of Jesus to many people. Love you all, bye bye.