Sometimes, to save your soul, God might decide to break your heart. When God bre…

Sometimes, to save your soul, God might decide to break your heart. When God breaks your heart, don’t consider breaking up with Him as an option. Breaking up with God is not like your regular breakup; there is something that God carries that none of those your intimate friends carry. You can’t survive without God.

When you pray and pray and even fast for someone before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and at the end of the prayers, they still pass away, remember that God is in control. When you lost that job, breaking up with God will be the worst decision you will ever make. Don’t breakup with God.

You don’t need to declare God your enemy when enemies have the upper hand in your life; hold Him close. You don’t need to push Him aside when life becomes dark, stormy, turbulent, tough and rough, instead go to Him on your knees and tell Him to draw you closer to Himself. If you ever breakup with God when bad things happen in your life, you will lose in the end.

When things don’t go as planned, instead of breaking up with your Creator, go and meet up with Him in His sanctuary. When you receive those heartbreaking letters or news, don’t let those letters or news destroy you to the point that you turn your face away from God; go and kneel before Him.

When the news comes that what they plotted, succeeded and as it seems, even though you are innocent, you will still be bitterly punished; please don’t throw your rosary back to mother Mary and tell her to go her way, be patient with God. There will be joy in the morning.

Sad moments of life are not the time to declare God your enemy. Cry if you want, mourn and sigh, but I want you to know that the God who rescued Joseph is still on His throne. Breaking up with God when your heart is broken is not an option for any child of God; have confidence in Him.

Source: A blog by Fr Albert Nwosu

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