What Is the Purpose of the Rosary?The purpose of the Rosary is simple: to teach …

What Is the Purpose of the Rosary?

The purpose of the Rosary is simple: to teach people about the lives of Jesus and Mary through prayer and contemplation.

Although the purpose of the Rosary is straightforward enough, the biblical events the faithful are asked to focus on are called “mysteries” because they go to the heart of Jesus’ miraculous birth, His ministry and Resurrection, and Mary’s role in salvation history.

The repetition of prayers during the Rosary is meant to block out the noise of our daily lives and encourage us to peacefully reflect on the mystery being prayed over.

Rosaries can be prayed individually in private, as a family at home, or as part of a larger group such as in church before Mass.

The purpose of the rosary beads continues to be to keep track of the pattern of prayers, as well as to give the faithful something to grasp onto in their effort to detach themselves from the stress of today’s world and further ground themselves in prayer.

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