Why Do We Venerate Saints? This has always been a debate among Catholics and Pro…

Why Do We Venerate Saints?
This has always been a debate among Catholics and Protestants. They keyword here is venerate, not pray to or worship.
We catholics venerate saints because we view them as exemplars of faith, virtue, and holiness. Saints are individuals who, through their exceptional devotion, selflessness, and piety, have lived lives that align with the teachings of the Church. We believe that these saints are now in the presence of God, making them powerful intercessors. By venerating saints, we seek inspiration for their own spiritual journeys, aiming to emulate their virtues and dedication to God.
Veneration of saints also provides a tangible connection between believers and the divine. We often pray to saints, asking for their intercession in times of need, whether it’s for healing, guidance, or protection. Saints are considered compassionate advocates, understanding the challenges of earthly life. Through this veneration, we express our faith in the communion of saints, an essential belief in Catholic theology.