Chapter 1: The Desire for GodThe human heart inherently longs for God, as man is…

Chapter 1: The Desire for God

The human heart inherently longs for God, as man is created by and for God, who continually draws humanity towards Himself. True fulfillment and happiness are found solely in God, the ultimate truth:
Man’s dignity lies in his call to commune with God, beginning from his inception. His existence is a testament to God’s love, sustaining him, and acknowledging this love is essential for living in truth and entrusting oneself to the Creator.

Throughout history, humans have sought God through various religious practices, reflecting their innate spiritual nature. Despite their imperfections, these expressions of faith are universal, defining humanity as inherently religious:
God’s design ensures that humans seek Him, though they may stumble in their quest. He is intimately connected to all existence, sustaining it, as “in him we live and move and have our being.”

The profound bond between humanity and God can be disregarded or rejected for various reasons: rebellion against evil, ignorance, worldly distractions, negative influences, or fear-driven avoidance. Despite this, God continually calls humanity to seek Him for true life and happiness.

“Let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.” Despite human forgetfulness or rejection, God persistently calls everyone to seek Him. This pursuit demands intellectual effort, a strong will, a pure heart, and guidance from others.

In acknowledging God’s greatness and humanity’s inherent desire to praise Him, it’s recognized that true fulfilment is found in God alone. Despite human frailty and sin, the heart remains restless until it finds rest in God.