Listening to the callGIFTS What are the gifts that you have been given by God?  …

Listening to the call


What are the gifts that you have been given by God?  Remember that grace builds on nature, so the gifts we have been given will be instrumental in how we are called to live.  


What do others say?  Oftentimes others, especially those who are already living a life of holiness can serve as mouthpieces for God.  Remember Samuel?  How did he finally recognize that it was the Lord calling him?  It was through the advice of Eli.  Maybe there is an Eli for you out there who will help you recognize the call of the Lord.


What are your deepest desires?  God will not give us a desire that he cannot fulfill, that he does not want to fulfill.

God often doesn’t speak in loud signs but rather in quiet moments that are incredibly personal.  In order to hear that voice we need to consistently practice silence.  We need to intentionally carve out moments of silence in our lives to begin to recognize God’s voice. We can also pray for the intercession of the Saints, who have so successfully discerned their primary and secondary vocations.

But always remember, God is calling.  He is calling each of us like he called Matthew–to follow him.