SacramentalsAshes, holy water, palms. Crucifixes, rosaries, holy cards, lit cand…


Ashes, holy water, palms. Crucifixes, rosaries, holy cards, lit candles, and all things and persons and places blessed to praise God and pray for His gifts are sacramentals.

It is important to know the difference between sacramentals and sacraments. Sacramentals prepare us to receive God’s grace and to cooperate with it. Sacraments confer grace.

Sacramentals always include a prayer, usually a sign or action such as laying on of hands or counting beads or making the sign of the cross or sprinkling with another sacramental, holy water or preparing the body, casket and grave with incense. Again, sacramentals prepare us as we hope to next receive God’s grace.

Sacramentals help us to call on God’s blessing. They help us to be a blessing in the service of the Lord.

They are small, often pocket sized, blessed objects that remind us what a mighty God we serve and prompt us to actually serve God almighty. Sacramentals give us words and deeds to actually do something in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.