The Silence Silence is gentlenesswhen you do not respond to offenseswhen you don…

The Silence 

Silence is gentleness
when you do not respond to offenses
when you don’t claim your rights,
when you let God defend your honour.

Silence is mercy
when you do not reveal the guilt of the brothers,
when you forgive without investigating the past,
when you don’t condemn, but intercede within.

Silence is patience
when you suffer without complaining,
when you do not seek solace among men
when you do not intervene,
but wait for the seed to sprout slowly.

Silence is humility
when you shut up to let the brothers arise,
when you let your acting be misunderstood,
when you leave others the glory of the company.

Silence is faith
when you are silent because it is He who acts,
when you give up the voices of the world,
to be in His presence,
when you do not seek understanding
because being loved by Him is enough for you.

Silence is worship
when you embrace The Cross
without asking why in the intimate certainty that this is the only right way.