Greetings my dearest people of God, 

After years of waiting, praying, hoping and yearning to set eyes on the new church, we have some good news.

Earlier in the year, we received the approved development order from the authorities concerned. The order comes with some requirements to be fulfilled by us from over 20 government agencies. 

To date, we have responded to almost all of them and have received favourable replies from the relevant parties. In November, we are looking into beginning some preliminary earthworks on our land, such as soil retention, levelling of the land and soil nailing. Following that, there will be the tendering process leading to start of the church building proper in February or March of next year. 

Well, the last few years I have asked all of you to invest your money so that when the time comes, we can expect a much bigger amount. Well, now is the time for you to reap your harvest and send in your most appreciated donation to us. 

We are in need of RM20 million to build the church. We have about RM5 million and the balance RM15 million will have to come from you. We welcome your donation with sincere appreciation and gratitude. During the feast Novena days, you may hand in your donation at the designated counters. You may also walk in to office throughout the year to make your donation or make an online donation via the website.

Remember the success of building the Church is in your hands. So let us come together in prayer and donation to build the new Church of St Jude Thaddeus with faith and hope. 

Wishing you and your family the Peace, Joy and Love of Christ.

Inspiring Hope, Faith and Mercy.

Rev Fr.  Vincent Thomas
Parish Priest