Welcome to St Jude’s Church

My dear parishioners of St Jude Thaddeus,

After five years of being an assistant parish priest, I am now appointed the parish priest of the Church of St Jude Thaddeus, Rawang. I accepted my first posting as a parish priest with a grateful heart to God Almighty and look forward to serving the people of St Jude for the next six years.

My appointment comes with a huge responsibility, and I know that through the intercession of St Jude and the support from all the parishioners, I can fulfil the task ahead.

For the past two years, the lockdown was a setback for everyone and I pray that through the mercy of God, life will get back to normal. When that happens, I will look forward to celebrating BEC masses so that I can get to know everyone in the parish personally because not only building a Communion of Communities is the thrust of the Archdiocese, but it is also my mission.

Hopefully, the pandemic will be a thing of the past so that our monthly BECCOT meetings can be held as usual and this will help me to have direct contact with all the leaders. Likewise, all ministries in the parish will be able to have their monthly meetings face to face to carry out their activities. An effective Parish Coordinating Council (PCC) will be an added advantage in executing all activities in the parish for the greater glory of God.

Of course, one of my main tasks is to see to the building of the new St Jude’s church. I will be working closely with the Parish Building Committee and the Archdiocese Projects Team to get the construction started as soon as possible. I am fully aware that I cannot do this without the support of each and every member of this parish. 

As the theme for the Synodal Church is Communion, Participation and Vision, I would need the support of the Parish Pastoral Committee, PCC, BECCOT and all parishioners of St Jude to join me in building God’s Kingdom here.

Wishing everyone the Love of Christ.

Rev. Fr. Vincent Thomas

Parish Priest